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IT departments are more involved in strategic business decisions than ever before: They deliver the IT infrastructure for the future.

In order to have free capacities for this, we take over extensive support tasks in our service centers. These relieve the internal IT departments. Thanks to our linguistic know-how and cross-sector experience, we are also a strategic partner and thus an important building block for opening up and developing new markets (e.g. through our language portfolio).

In the following case studies you will have insights into selected customer projects. You will learn more about project requirements, service depth and service portfolio and the case studies show how individual the initial situation and objectives of our customers are.



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Case study: Automotive Sector

Read more about how we provide IT support for an international Automotive company.



Icon Logistics Modis ITO Tech Delivery Case Studies


Case study: Logistics Sector

In our 20-year partnership with a Logistics group, we continuously expanded the scope of IT support. Get to know this special portfolio here.



Icon Technology Modis ITO Tech Delivery Case Studies


Case study: Technology Sector

In this case study you can find out more about the tasks our Service Centers perform for an international Technology group.



Icon Industry Modis ITO Tech Delivery Case Studies


Case study: Industrial Sector

An international Industrial group entrusts us with its IT support. This case study shows how this was quickly transferred to normal operation.



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Case Study: Gastronomy Sector

An international gastronomy group entrusts the most sacred to our IT support team. Read this case study to get more information.

Icon Insurance Modis ITO Case Studies



Case Study: Insurance Sector

As a co-partner of an international insurance group, we relieve the in-house service desk at peak times and increase the solution rate. Find more information in this case study.

Read more about "Case Study Insurance"...


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