Modis ITO Case Study Logistics

Read in the Case Studies how customers use the Modis ITO IT support. 


Initial Situation and Objectives for Modis ITO 

In 1998, one of the world's largest logistics groups was looking for a globally uniform support structure for all branches and offices worldwide.

Uniform processes as well as fixed solution and recovery times for all IT systems were the main components of the requirement. Furthermore, a worldwide uniform repair/replacement service for hardware had to be established.


Case Study Technology Sector: The Modis ITO Solution

For over twenty years, a globally operating Service Desk has been available to our customer's users as a central point of contact for all IT matters in over 125 countries with over 300 branches around the clock. Support is available in 4 languages: German, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

This Service Desk, based in Germany, acts as a "Single Point of Contact" (SPOC) and multi-level support for all IT queries: from 1st level through 2nd and 3rd level client support to specific backlevel functions and additional services that provide numerous additional services for the customer and its IT users.

The support concept has developed dynamically over the course of the cooperation and thus meets the high requirements of the customer. The 24/7 availability at all worldwide locations, professional competence, quality, customer satisfaction and linguistic coverage are particularly taken into account. 

Together with our customer, we set up a set of processes, SLA/SLOs and responsibilities that are optimally adapted to the customer's business needs and growth.


Service Desk Setup

  • Project start: 1998
  • Reporting volume: > 15.000 contacts per month
  • Service hours: 24/7
  • Languages: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese


Service Desk Support

Depth of Service

  • 1st Level Support, 2nd and 3rd Level Client Support Service
  • Tracking, “Final Problem Close”
  • Problem & Change Management
  • User Administration
  • Software Distribution
  • Asset / IMAC Coordination
  • Roll-out / Project Support
  • Vendor Coordination

Service Portfolio

  • e.g. MS WIN7, Win10, MS Office, MS Outlook, MS Exchange, MS Intune, MS Azure, MS MAM
  • Windows Server 2012, Sharepoint 2013, TCP/IP, Host, Network, Matrix42, Deskalert, Remote Desktop Control
  • Client and Notebook Hardware support
  • customer-specific Software, customer-specific e-Business applications


The Result

The users of our customers reach us, their Service Desk as Single-Point-of-Contact, around the clock via telephone, email or self-service portal in one of four languages: German, English, Spanish and Portuguese. Our service team has a high level of technical expertise and solution competence.

Since 1998 we have taken over more and more service areas and thus relieved our customer of many standard enquiries. Globally standardized support processes and services as well as clearly coordinated responsibilities were created.

Our support is fully integrated into the customer's IT environment, we work with a unified Incident Management System, a common knowledge pool (knowledge base, reports) and unified tools. Using specific analyses and reports, trends and problem topics can be identified and actively addressed. This enables us to react quickly and in a coordinated manner to IT failures or special projects (e.g. rollouts, software distributions, patches, release changes, etc.).

A core theme of our work as a Service Desk Team is a stable, consistently high level of customer satisfaction and the fastest possible return to operational readiness of the end users' IT equipment. An expression of these efforts and an incentive at the same time is a customer satisfaction of well over 90% since 2009. This achievement has also been recognised in the past in specialist circles with an award.



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