Modis ITO Case Study Industry

Read in the Case Studies how customers use the Modis ITO IT support. 


Initial Situation and Objectives for Modis ITO 

Our client, a big player in industry, was looking for a new IT outsourcing service provider for its national and international locations.

The objective was to significantly increase the solution rate and improve the reachability of the Service Desk.

Case Study Industry Sector: The Modis ITO Solution

Together with the client, we developed a transition concept that enabled a quick and smooth transition of the Service Desk.

In just three months, our Service Desk was integrated into the customer's own infrastructure via a high-speed line, access to the customer's systems was set up, our telephone system was activated for the customer's users and the knowledge database was adapted.

Our Modis ITO Service Desk Team was trained on the special needs of the customer, accompanied by extensive training measures, partly on site at the customer's location, so that some tasks were already supported by the Modis ITO Service Desk before the start of the operating phase and a full service for the customer could be provided on time at the start of the project..

In addition to Service Desk Support at various locations, Modis ITO supports the local IT department in processing tickets with employees on site.


Service Desk Setup

  • Project start: 01/03/2018 (Transition 01/12/2017 - 28/02/2018)
  • Supported users: approx. 5,000 worldwide
  • Reporting volume:  > 1,500 Tickets/month
  • Service hours:  24/5
  • Languages: German, English


Service Desk Support

Depth of Service

  • Extended 1st Level Support with a first contact resolution rate of the Service Desk portfolio of more than 80%.
  • User Administration
  • Manual software installation
  • Roll out / Project Support
  • Tracking of downstream support units
  • Support in knowledge management

Service Portfolio

  • e.g. MS Windows, MS Office, MS Outlook
  • Printer Management , Network
  • Cisco VPN, Cisco Webex, Jabber
  • customer-specific Software
  • customer-specific e-Business applications


The Result

Through intensive coordination, we were able to create an individual service concept for the customer's needs in the shortest possible time. We started directly with IT support, especially in the areas of network support and in-house developments.

As a result of the consistently high availability of the Service Desk (24/5) and the significant increase in the solution rate at first contact, user satisfaction increased significantly. In addition, we have been updating the knowledge database since the first day of support, which means that the level of knowledge of our support team is constantly growing.

Together with our customer contacts, our consultants regularly evaluate the Incidents. This results in continuous recommendations for error avoidance and cost savings.



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