Girls' Day digital at Modis ITO

Girls' Day 2020 digital for the first time because of Corona

Every year in spring thousands of companies invite girls to show them that technical professions can be really exciting. Due to the corona virus, "Girls' Day 2020" had actually been cancelled. However, thanks to the initiative of many companies, it was finally possible on thursday. But digital.

On 26 March it should be time again: The Girls' Day - Girls' Future Day and the Boys' Day - Boys' Future Day should start for the 20th time throughout Germay. Almost 10,000 companies had already registered and almost 100,000 girls could have participated. But then things changed.

As more and more companies had to cancel due to the Corona crisis, project coordinator Elisabeth Schöppner had to cancel the day completely. "But as soon as we had announced this, the first inquiries were already coming, if it could be done digitally," she says.


Non-stereotyped against the shortage of skilled workers
The day offers companies, schools, pupils and their parents a variety of opportunities to actively address the issue of gender stereotypes on the job. Professions are presented and prejudices are reduced - on both sides. The Federal Ministry of Youth and Education as well as associations of business, politics and society support the campaign.

The practice day expands the view of girls and boys from class 5 to their professional future. They get to know professions and subjects which are still shaped by gender stereotypes. Girls get an impression into technical and skilled jobs, collect impressions in industry or in the IT department . On this day, boys explore a variety of activities in the health and care department as well as in education. Social and educational institutions open their doors. In this way, they enable the students to have an eventful practical day.


A profit for all

Companies and institutions profit sustainably by offering the action day: 38 % of the companies which participate in Girls'Day receive applications from former participants several times - the rate of these participants who get a job in this way is 72 %.


Erfurt company is also there

One of the companies which have had good experience with this is Modis ITO Erfurt. They were already there last year, marketing manager Julia Stollberg says: "At that time, ten girls were here , this was an exciting day. After the cancellation it was immediately clear, that won't do.


Digital Girls' Day on two channels
"We have a program for individual and group chats in the company. This can also be used for online conferences. This is what we use". That parents' home office is not overloaded, we use a second channel by phone. Julia Stollberg experienced in preparing the Girls' Day: "Performance using broadband is not so good'.

Seven girls have registered for the online conference, all are there after some small technical issues. Julia Stollberg and Franziska Eichholz managing the girls. At the beginning everybody introduces himself, one girl was really sad when Girls'Day was cancelled. "I was really happy about the digital possibility, so I registered immediately." 

Franziska and Julia (they don't use last names within the chat) first tell how it should work and some information about the company Modis ITO. Basically it's all about IT support. That means that 750 employees are on the phone, chatting and emailing with customers all over the world: They try to find answers and solutions for customers.
The girls on their computers could ask questions at any time. New guests were always invited to join the chat later, they talked about their work. Of course, today only women. Nobody of the women could explain, why girls have fears of contacts with technical jobs.

Neither the experts nor the girls themselves. After Girls'Day they can't talk intensively as usual to their girlfriends. For topics as Instagram and co, girls are no longer shy of technology.


Girls' Day in Thuringia

In Thuringia, Girls'Day took place for the first time in 2002. Regional groups working together with their partners from Thuringian companies, universities and research facilities, media, educational institutions, organisations and associations, as well as political and administrative institutions to prepare the annual Girls'Day. This day is prepared with a lot of commitment.


Many thanks to Grit Hasselmann for this beautiful text and the photos!

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