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Extensive security concepts - IT runs in times of crisis

Martin Wimmer is managing director of Modis IT Outsourcing GmbH, which employs around 750 people in IT services at four locations in Germany. At the moment, particularly challenging for the service desk operator is a balancing act between protecting employees and containing the pandemic on the one hand and responsibility for customers on the other.

Martin, how do you deal with the current situation?

Martin Wimmer: About four weeks ago we set up a crisis management team. This team rates the situation on a daily basis and takes extensive measures to ensure that our employees are protected and the spread of the virus is contained. From the beginning we have openly communicated the measures to our employees. We are convinced that only healthy and carefree employees are aware of the responsibility we have for our customers. We also deal openly with fears and questions. For this reason we publish the latest news through our employee portal and also respond to individual questions in web conferences.

 Which concrete measures have you taken?

Martin Wimmer: We have security concepts for our service locations to ensure that operations run reliably. These include long-term and short-term measures. By way of example one long-term decision was to equip a large proportion of our employees with notebooks. Our customers are currently in a difficult situation: they have to protect their employees and send them to their home office. They trust that the support team will be able to handle higher volumes well. The meaning for us: We have to find ways to secure their IT support. That is the reason why 70 to 90% of our employees now work remotely, depending on the project. A short-term measure is, we now have been increasing this proportion continuously for four weeks. Our advantage here: Due to the prompt care there was still sufficient hardware available. Our crisis management team always decides the measures individually for each location as the circumstances are different in Erfurt, Leipzig, Böblingen and Gera.

You mentioned the responsibility for your customers, how is the support secured and what do you do for maintain the IT infrastructure?

Martin Wimmer: Our IT support is a guarantee that our customers' employees are fit for work. If our customers' IT does not work, financing cannot be requested and goods cannot be transported. As a result, people get nothing to eat and urgently needed medical products cannot be produced. We help global companies to remain functional with our service.This is the reason why we work with our customers to develop emergency concepts for mitigating potential risks, e.g. shortage of employees and preventive measures. Our employees are usually trained several times, so that they can also temporarily support another project. In special situations such as the present we rely on the voluntariness of our team to deal flexibly with vacations and overtime. In addition, our four locations reduce the risk of a total breakdown. It is precisely this and the handling of a disproportionately high volume of enquiries that creates trust.

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