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Modis ITO develops state-of-the-art technologies for the Service Desk of the future

While chatbots have already found their way into customer service, where they answer customer questions or are used in complaint handling, the use of chatbots and their automated solution competence is slowly increasing in IT support.

Chatbots can relieve Service Desk agents, increase users' self-solving skills and thus become an integral part of every Service Desk. Especially the quick availability of information is gaining importance in the new normality: working hours are becoming more and more flexible and are shifting, for example, in favour of the compatibility of family and work.

Companies are often only able to react to these changed framework parameters to a limited extent. When IT enquiries and tickets pile up and employees are no longer able to work due to lengthy or even missing support, it is time for a new, digital colleague who is on duty around the clock, e.g. also outside the defined service hours.


Modis ITO: Response to ChatBot for the Service Desk launch exceeds expectations

Modito also stands out from other ChatBots in that it offers help for self-help. Integrated into the Modis ITO social intranet, it acts as FAQ bot, creating links to existing solution documents. With its relaxed, friendly manner, it imparts IT knowledge in a playful way and, as an assistant bot, supports users with settings they can set up themselves.

The ChatBot Modito is designed in such a way that it can be operated via keywords, word groups or entire sentences or questions and also functions via predefined buttons. Artificial intelligence (AI) and especially machine learning lead to high response quality. Modito is trained by an internal team that has extensive Service Desk experience and is very familiar with the new software. Thanks to the AI, the bot learns from its behaviour and becomes smarter every day, so that it answers a large number of recurring requests with ease. "The high level of willingness to use the software shows the desire of our users to take control of their own IT environment in an uncomplicated and self-responsible way", says Product Owner Sven Lehmann, who is pleased with the positive response.

Coupled with system stability, Modito reacts quickly and provides the necessary assistance. The acceptance of the ServiceBot depends on the socio-technical design. "That's why Modito understands natural language and is also forgiving of small spelling mistakes, because it wants to help and not lecture" adds Sven Lehmann. And if Modito doesn't know something, it openly admits it and involves the Service Desk.


Modis ITO develops Service Desk of the future

The ChatBot provides assistance on many everyday questions that arise in the company's daily routine. Modito not only relieves the internal Service Desk of many questions, it also answers personnel issues and organisational concerns around the clock. Everyone benefits from this: the questioners, because Modito provides them with a contact person at any time of the day or night. And the respondents, because they are relieved and can deal more intensively with the enquiries to which Modito does not (yet) have an answer.

"With us, AI and humans work hand in hand" emphasises Managing Director Martin Wimmer. "We have the ambition to develop the Service Desk of the future with state-of-the-art technologies. For this, we need smart people who will work with us on the issues of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow." AI therefore only works with qualified specialists and will not replace them.

The fact that Modis ITO is one of the digital pioneers with the ChatBot Modito is a pleasant side effect of the successful ChatBot implementation.


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