High customer loyalty also in 2020

Modis ITO increases Net Promoter Score in pandemic year and benefits from high customer loyalty


Modis ITO is one of the leading German IT providers for managed services. Customers entrust us above all with their highly sensitive IT Service Desks and rely on co-partnering with us (e.g. to take over peak loads, special languages) or transfer responsibility for their complete IT service to us.


Exceptional commitment in the challenging year 2020

"Our customers are very satisfied with us as a managed service provider and this is reflected in the high NPS score of 75. My thanks for this go to our support teams in Erfurt, Leipzig, Böblingen and Gera. They supported our customers with extraordinary commitment in this challenging year, so that the end users we supported were and are also able to work in the home office," says Managing Director Martin Wimmer enthusiastically about the team's performance. And Sven Lehmann, Head of Sales and Solutions, adds: "In 2020, we were able to increase the NPS value by 25 points compared to 2019. This shows that we are a reliable partner for our customers even in uncertain times. This makes us proud and at the same time spurs us on to offer end users and customers an ever better IT service."

Our customers are nationally and internationally operating medium-sized companies and global corporations from a wide range of industries. Modis ITO colleagues from 40 nations are on duty around the clock to provide flawless IT service. They phone, email and chat with the whole world and use their know-how to ensure that IT users receive quick answers and solutions. This commitment pays off: While short-term contracts are common in the industry, at Modis ITO we have been working successfully with around 75% of our clients for more than ten years. In total, we have realised over 120 projects in the national and international Service Desk environment. "Our development is a success story and the NPS score now shows this quite clearly. In the years since our founding, we have learned a lot, also because we work with passion on the continuous development of our service. Our customers thank us with top results," says Martin Wimmer.


NPS customer loyalty survey at the end of 2020

Modis ITO already conducted a survey among customers at the end of 2019, relying on the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the first time. In NPS surveys, customers are asked the recommendation question. Based on the answers between 0 and 10, companies get a good overview of promoters/fans (9 and 10), passives (7 and 8) and critics (0 to 6). This way results in NPS values between -100 and +100. Combined with questions on potential, these answers can be further used for corporate development and corporate strategy.


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