Diversity Charter signed

Diversity Charter signed: International Women's Day marks official start of voluntary commitment

Those who know Ada Lovelace know that the British mathematician is considered the first female programmer and was about 100 years ahead of her time when she added her own notes to a technical article by her fellow scientist Charles Babbage in the 1840s. These notes are the first thoughts towards digitalisation and artificial intelligence.

The world would not be what it is today without women: we value them as team players and outstanding colleagues, as fighters and visionaries. They balance work and family and only allow themselves a break when all questions have been answered.


„On a day like today, my gratitude goes to all the women in our company. You accomplish a tremendous workload every day and we are happy and deeply grateful that you are a part of Modis ITO.“

Martin Wimmer, Managing Director Modis IT Outsourcing GmbH


Above-average percentage of women in the Modis Tech Delivery Centre

The future at Modis is increasingly female: Compared to 2020, the proportion of women at the Modis Tech Delivery Centre has risen to a current 31%. This means that the percentage of women at the Managed Services Provider is higher than the average percentage of women in the ICT sector in Germany. Depending on the source, this is given as 16% to 28%. Claudia Borst, Head of Service Desk, sums it up: "This is a strong figure and shows our commitment to more equal opportunities."

This increasingly female strength was also a reason for the company to sign the Diversity Charter. Diversity is not just a word at the Modis Tech Delivery Centre, diversity is part of everyday life for the 650 employees. The IT company actively promotes diversity and equal opportunities are a fundamental part of the corporate mindset. By signing the Diversity Charter, the company joins 3,800 other organisations in promoting an appreciative and prejudice-free working environment. And so the motto of this year's International Women's Day could not be more fitting: "Let's all choose to challenge". 


Diversity, equal opportunities and appreciation ensure corporate success

Martin Wimmer has clear words for this: "Every day I see how new and experienced colleagues work together, how diverse teams and work groups with different talents rethink digitalisation, AI and the Service Desk. This way of working together, which is quite normal for us, means that we are fit for the customer needs of the future, even in times of great challenges and constant change. All employees are equally valuable to us and I thank all of them for showing every day anew how #LivingDiversity can contribute to the success of our company. We have already achieved a lot in terms of diversity and equal opportunities and work every day to become even better. That's why the Diversity Charter is both a confirmation and an incentive for us."


Julia N. Stollberg
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