Modis ITO Case Study Gastronomy

Read in the Case Studies how customers use the Modis ITO IT support. 


Initial Situation and Objectives for Modis ITO

An international big player in the gastronomy sector with partly own and partly franchise restaurants in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg was looking for a highly reliable partner who supports about 200.000 incidents per year and prioritizes the technical requests of the restaurants. In addition, the restaurants had to be remotely managed for new openings and renovations.

Case Study Gastronomy Sector: The Modis ITO Solution

The business model of our customer is very seasonal and characterised by a variety of special offers. This dynamic is reflected in the high number of offer roll-outs that have to be incorporated into the IT infrastructure. In addition, there are considerable daily fluctuations in call volume and an asymmetrical curve with regard to call peaks.
Based on these highly demanding requirements, we established a flexible Service Desk that ensures service from two locations.
Accompanied by extensive training measures, some of which were held at the customer's premises, the Modis ITO IT support team was trained to meet the special needs of the customer, so that tasks could be taken over by the Modis ITO team even before the start of the operational phase. This made it possible to provide a full service for the customer in time for the project start.


Service Desk Setup

  • Project start: 1999
  • Supported users: 1,700 Restaurants in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg
  • Reporting volume: 20,000 contacts per month
  • Service hours: 24/7
  • Language: German


Service Desk Support

Depth of Service

  • 1st Level Support, Backdesk Support, Application Support
  • IT infrastructure of the complete production range: app, order terminals, face-to-face ordering until the goods are received
  • Knowledge Management
  • Campaign rollout support

Service Portfolio

  • Windows Client and Server
  • customer-specific Soft- and Hardware (POS systems, eCash, ordering systems)
  • Network infrastructure, WLAN and WiLAN
  • Ticket data for invoicing clients (scope: approx. 1,300 restaurants)


The Result

Our Modis ITO support team is available 24/7 to assist restaurants with their technical queries. Furthermore, we established an extended Problem Management including Solution Development. We also set up a knowledge database and maintain it on behalf of our customers.

The high level of user-friendliness and continuous expansion of the support team ensures a consistently high level of satisfaction among restaurant employees.

Together with our contact persons at the customer's premises, our consultants regularly evaluate the Incidents. This serves to proactively avoid errors and shows potential for cost savings.

In the course of the cooperation, we continuously took over further services for the customer. This cooperation is a success story for us and we see the continuous expansion of services as a sign of confidence in our IT support.



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