The phone's dead. Service Desk trends.

How can trends be identified? What role do customers and SLAs play? At Modis ITO, we receive around 320,000 inquiries a month through a variety of channels: telephone, chat, e-mail, self-service. Would you have thought that in times of digitalisation and automation, the telephone of all things is still the leading input channel?

Modis ITO Online Meeting: The phone's dead. Service Desk Trends.

The "why" for this is obvious: people seek contact with people, especially when they need quick help. The fact that we go beyond the actual problem handling and solve IT inquiries in the 1st level support, our customers thank us with a constantly high, cross-project satisfaction of more than 95%.

A large proportion of the inquiries reach us via telephone and chat: around two thirds of those seeking help in the EMEA and APAC region contact us via these channels. Mail and self-service dominate in the AMERICAS region. Although the share of chat and self-service is increasing, the percentage of those who reach for the phone for an IT question is decreasing comparatively slowly. Telephone contact is still the method of choice and is at a high level.

Service Desk Trends

In the interactive meeting, Sven Lehmann and Julia N. Stollberg discussed automation in the Service Desk, ChatBots, chats and co-partnering with the participants. We know the challenges that these topics pose for companies and users. Especially ChatBots are often challenged, but the time required for the implementation of such a system is difficult to quantify and can hardly be taken into account in daily business.

Automation and intelligent machines revolutionize the Service Desk 

We are convinced that automation and intelligent machines will revolutionize the Service Desk. The first step is data analysis and the resulting knowledge about applications and desired results. By feeding the tools of the future with these findings, they continuously build up knowledge. This requires time, defined processes and structured knowledge management.

So until the ChatBots achieve a customer satisfaction of more than 95%, they still need a lot of input. In the meantime, we are there for you and your employees through the familiar contact channels and at the same time, we dedicate ourselves to the Service Desk topics of the future.

Would you like to discuss these topics with us? The next online meeting on this topic will take place on 14.07.2020. Please register here for the german speaking event!



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