Living diversity in the service desk

Inspirational topic and many questions in the Modis ITO online seminar

While diversity makes a rainbow flag fly in the minds of some, others think of the plurality of people. In our online seminar we have gone one step further: We asked ourselves what diversity in action means for a Service Desk.

Team leader Katina Behrendt and Senior Application Developer Conrad Gliem let the participants dive into the Modis ITO universe and revealed more about the diversity lived in our company.


Modis ITO Service Desk: Diversity means security

Even if geo-diversity at first sounds abstract, it is a solid concept based on four locations: Erfurt, Gera, Leipzig and Böblingen. How do solo locations proceed in the event of a disaster? How can peak loads be handled? Four locations in three federal states make it possible to provide services even on public holidays that are not uniformly regulated throughout Germany. Four locations enable different recruitment measures. And if the locations are also technically secure, this means one thing above all else for customers: security in service provision.

The diversity of suppliers also contributes to security: We do not rely on one electricity provider. We do not rely on one telecommunications service provider. We do not rely on one office furniture supplier. Here, too, diversity counts for us, even if it means more coordination effort. The advantages for us are obvious: We are more flexible, can react faster to requirements and offer increased security for our customers' services.

Speaking of customers: Every customer company is different, the technical requirements in every new project are different from the previous ones (e.g. customer IT, ticket tool), every industry has special subtleties that we can address both nationally and internationally. With a team that is as diverse as the needs of our customers.

Each person brings their own experience, skills and individual potential. We actively speak 25 languages and dialects, our employees come from 40 nations and every person is equally valuable to our team. Challenged people, different identities and orientations - all this is natural for our colleagues. For others, it may be a special feature, for us it is part of everyday life. Compared to the rest of the industry, we have an above-average number of women working for us, and the proportion of women in the first and second management levels is even higher than in the company as a whole. We are convinced that our teams are also innovative and capable of learning because they are diverse and colourful. This is one of the reasons why they can react more flexibly.


Living diversity at Modis ITO also means being able to react flexibly

We also value diversity in terms of flexibility: We have a wide range of working time models for full and part-time work. Because we take into account the diverse needs of our employees, we safeguard our services. Through different customer projects, the level of experience of each agent increases, which in turn creates flexibility for challenging situations. As different as the life models of each individual may be, we take responsibility for each of our 750 employees individually. We have this responsibility not only for our team, but also for the services of our customers. That's why home offices were already common practice with us before the Corona pandemic and why our team was able to support our customers in their home office measures from their own home office.

We are proud that living diversity makes our Modis ITO Service Desks a more colourful place every day.

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