IT strategies in the Service Desk

Possible solutions for questions posed by IT decision-makers in the Service Desk

At the beginning of the online meeting, Sven Lehmann outlined the setup of many Service Desks: The requests reach User Help Desk via various contact channels, e.g. telephone, e-mail, chat and self-service portal. In the SPOC Team (Single Point of Contact) the requests are categorised, at best already solved and if necessary forwarded to the 2nd and 3rd level support team for processing.


We at Modis ITO are committed to ensuring that the First Level Support we provide is given more comprehensive authorisations at a very early stage of contract negotiations with our customers. Our Modis ITO 1st Level Support is therefore much more than just the acceptance of incidents and subsequent forwarding. In this way, the First Level Support team solves many requests during the first contact. This has a positive effect on the satisfaction of customers and end users, as they are able to get back to work quickly. (Sven Lehmann)


Automation in the Service Desk with Modis ITO

At Modis ITO, we implement intelligent automation solutions in the Service Desks entrusted to us and in consultation with our customers. Through this automation within the Service Desk, requests are routed to where users expect the fastest response: perhaps an answer to the question can be found fastest in the Self Service Portal, perhaps the Support Team can help best, perhaps onsite support is needed, or perhaps a link to Self Help is sufficient.

Based on this approach, Sven Lehmann asked the crucial question: What can companies do? What strategy can you pursue for your Service Desk? And: What concrete measures can be derived from it?


Recommendation of Modis ITO: Strategies and measures for the Service Desk

From our perspective, four strategies are possible. Three of these strategies can be implemented within the company; the fourth strategy is aimed primarily at the purchase of external services:

  • Internal focus: Service Desk remains as before
  • Internal focus: Adaptation of Service Desk portfolio
  • Internal focus: Optimising measures and processes
  • External focus: Purchasing services or providers

The possible measures for the Service Desk of the future are as varied and, if necessary, can be combined as flexibly as the strategies. Here are a few selected ones that Sven Lehmann mentioned during the online seminar:

  • E-Mail to Ticket
  • Automated password reset
  • Chats
  • IT ChatBots for the Service Desk
  • Wikis and Self Help
  • Automated personnel scheduling

In addition to their own Service Desk, companies can also work with Service Desk providers: In the form of the QCE (Qualified Call Entry), User Help Desk in the so-called Co-Partner constellation or also as a Full Service Desk. You can find out more here or in our online seminar "3 Service Desk models in comparison".



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