Sticking points in the Service Desk Transition

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Georg Langner is one of our experienced Service Designers, with more than ten years of Service Desk experience in various roles. He had five answers to the question he was asked at the beginning of his presentation, why he was also able to talk very well about Service Desk Transitions:

  • He knows the contact persons from the tendering process or Service Design.
  • Since this cooperation, communication channels with the relevant contact persons have been established.
  • The success factors of the Service Desk are also known.
  • He therefore also knows the customer's goals.
  • The transition always offers lessons learned for future Service Designs.

We at Modis ITO carry out the Service Desk transition in three phases. Within these phases, Georg Langner identified some possible sticking points and gave valuable advice on how to deal with them.


Modis ITO Service Desk Transition: Actively tracking the sticking points

A frequent and sometimes lengthy topic is the measurability of KPIs and the connection of systems. Reliable reporting of KPIs is essential for the operational management of the Service Desk teams and the presentation of the work results and deserves top priority for achieving the high quality objectives. In order to ensure early reporting, KPIs that are difficult to measure should be discussed at an early stage and the system connection should be checked and verified. Only in this way can a transition be realised in a short time, e.g. two months.

A further sticking point relates to infrastructure and network connections. This topic and the integration of IT security cannot be tackled early enough. Here it is advisable to prepare a network drawing as a transition manager in order to clearly define the interfaces and coordinate them with the players on the customer and provider side.

When taking over a Service Desk, whether QCE, Co-Partner concept or Full Service Desk, we rely on a combination of experienced and new team members. When a new Service Desk provider takes over IT support, there is often the so-called test effect: the new provider receives significantly more enquiries in the initial period, as the end users want to test it. Therefore, a good service experience should be considered from the beginning, as quality is rated higher than accessibility. In this way, the new Service Desk can develop into a positive figurehead for the entire IT. This is best achieved when a qualified team provides the support.

However, the team can only provide support as well as it is trained. For this reason, training courses should be structured in such a way that they address the particular subtleties of the software and hardware environment. These can be special program features, buttons or similar. The training documents should also be up-to-date and have a practical support reference.

Another sticking point is the documentation. Here we recommend the motto: "As much as possible, but only sensibly necessary". Relevant documents must be agreed upon and arrangements must be documented periodically, i.e. at jointly defined intervals, and made available to all those involved, but the scope of the documentation must remain "processable" for all those involved.


Modis ITO: The pilot phase concludes a transition

The pilot phase concludes a transition in a meaningful way. Here it becomes apparent very quickly, whether the planning was successful and where adjustments may be necessary. Here too, waiting is not an option. Only the constant exchange between team and customer, the joint evaluation of the tickets, the functioning of the reporting as well as the possibly necessary initiation of additional measures ensure first-class support. The pilot phase serves the possible readjustment and is therefore essential from our point of view.

There are open points in every project, such as special safety requirements or dealing with the GDPR. Even if these may seem trivial, they should be addressed, evaluated and resolved within the transition to ensure the success of the transition.

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